Press Release from Pangga App

Our initial invitation was quite overwhelming. We needed more time to improve our platform and we will announce when it is ready.

Why did you create Pangga app?

We were inspired by on-demand companionship services being offered in other Asian countries which have become viral recently.

Netizens gave different reactions: some like it, some are intrigued and some have concerns and reservations. What do you think of it?

We are overwhelmed and thankful at the same time. We’ve listened to all your feedback. We thank those who have supported us and have taken those suggestions and comments seriously which will guide us in our future steps.

Statement on the removal on why the Website and Facebook page of the app

We heard you and we felt that we needed more time to assess and study the future of Pangga app. We’ll see how we go.

Message from the founder

Thank you for all your feedback and for making Pangga app an instant hit. Please feel free to email me at

Last updated Monday August 7, 2017